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Strategic alliances and partnerships to help you grow and compete in new markets.

Our services include:

Partnership Development

Our services in alliances and partnerships assist organizations to develop and manage business relationships that can help them innovate, grow, and compete.

A competitive organization builds upon its strengths to further develop specialty or niche products, services and technologies, and to examine strategic alliances and partnering arrangements with other companies, both domestic and foreign, so as to develop integrated solutions and/or penetrate new domestic, export and niche market opportunities.

Alliances provide alliance members’ with enhanced ability to generate innovation-led growth and can foster synergy among members that enables firms to combat intense competition resulting from globalization and technological advances.

Whether you are looking to gain access to new markets or new technology, to cope with escalating R&D costs, to speed product or process development, to attain cost competitiveness, or to form your first green alliance, we can assist in developing and managing your business relationships in the following areas:


  • Marketing, sales and distribution
  • Licensing
  • Teaming and joint bidding
  • Business expansion abroad
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain
  • Location of personnel
  • Service and support

We can also assist you in developing and managing effective cross-sector partnerships including business and non-profit organizations; public and private organizations; public and non-profit organizations; public, private and non-profit organizations; and others.

We use a proven process to build and manage alliances and partnerships and ensure they achieve performance and results:


  • Strategy development
  • Partner selection
  • Partner program
  • Competitive intelligence and analysis
  • Communications and relationships management
  • Performance measurement and evaluation
  • Negotiation strategies and contracting

Our services