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Partnerships for women entrepreneurs

We help women entrepreneurs develop partnerships to grow their businesses.

Women entrepreneurs are faced with many challenges to grow their businesses, including limited resources and access to markets.
Partnerships are excellent tools/solutions and offer unlimited opportunities for you as a women entrepreneur, including:

  • Access new clients and markets
  • Sales, promotion and distribution of your product, technology or service
  • Bundle your product, technology, and services with partners to reach new clients
  • Finance your enterprise or innovation efforts
  • Team up with other experts/suppliers to undertake a project

In this pandemic time, it is even more important for women entrepreneurs to ally with other businesses to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and put themselves in a position of strength for growth after the pandemic.

We can help you find partners to increase your revenues, innovate and get a competitive advantage.

Services we offer:

  1. Find you partnering opportunities in existing and new markets.
  2. Identify high potential partners, right for your company.
  3. Promote your company to potential partners.
  4. Organize meetings with qualified partners, including preparation material 
  5. Provide strategic advice on partnership planning and management.


Our experts have more than 20 years of experience in developing and managing partnerships for businesses in a wide range of industry sectors.

We have excellent knowledge of strategic alliances and partnerships best practices.

We are passionate about partnerships and very strategic and innovative in finding you the right partners.

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