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Marketing and business development strategies to help you grow and access new markets.

Our services

Marketing & business development

We provide organizations with strategies and opportunities that help them increase revenues while enhancing their competitiveness.

We develop or enhance your competitive position in the marketplace using a variety of marketing strategies. We help you market your products and services effectively while assisting you in building fruitful stakeholder and client relationships.

We also provide innovative and competitive strategies in green marketing to organizations that have a focus on becoming environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Marketing planning

  • Marketing plan
  • Market research and industry analysis
  • Market opportunities
  • Marketing strategies

Marketing tactics

  • Marketing and sales channels
  • Cooperative marketing and advertising
  • Product and service branding, pricing, advertising and promotion
  • Green marketing

Stakeholder and customer relations

  • Customer relationship management
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Marketing Alliances and Sales Channels

Our services in marketing alliances and sales channels help organizations develop and manage business relationships to meet their marketing and sales objectives.

We help you build and manage alliances and sales channels to provide you with a powerful boost in revenues and strengthen your competitiveness. Alliances and sales channels can give you access to new markets and customers through various domestic or foreign distribution channels, build-up and augment your brand, increase your customer loyalty, and reduce your marketing costs.

Depending on your need and objectives, we can help you develop partnership strategies, research and select strategic partners, create partner programs, and manage high-performing partnerships.

We have expertise in the following marketing co-operation agreements including: 

  • Co-marketing
  • Joint product development or co-branding
  • Joint communication or co-advertising
  • Joint sales measures or co-promotion
  • Cross media
  • Product bundling
  • Sponsorship
  • Product placement
  • Sales partnerships
  • Licensing