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About us

Who We Are

GreenCompete Inc. is a competitive strategy and marketing consulting firm that helps organisations grow and compete. It provides competitive strategy, marketing, business development, and partnership to organisations seeking a competitive advantage.

Our Vision

We develop competitive strategy, marketing, business development, and partnerships that drive the growth and competitiveness of our client organisations, benefit their stakeholders and communities, and contribute to a dynamic economy.

Why Do Business With Us?

GreenCompete Inc. helps you identify how to turn what appears to be a challenge to  growth and competitiveness  into opportunities and strategies that can give your organisation a competitive advantage.

A competitive organization is able to identify opportunities and develop strategies to drive its growth and ability to compete in a global economy full of surprises.

Organizations face competitive challenges to protect and expand their market position through targeted marketing, the best products or services, and strategic use of collaborations.

GreenCompete Inc. helps organisations navigate the complex and evolving marketplace, avoid the pitfalls and identify opportunities and partners for growth in a new economy.

Our services